James River train tracks

National Rivers Month: Ways to Protect Rivers

June is National Rivers Month! This month aims to teach people ways to care for rivers and keep them clean. Being in Midlothian, Center West is located near the beautiful James River. Did you know that one-third of all Virginians live in the James River Watershed? That means many people rely on the river for water, commerce, and recreation. So, how can we protect it? Learn about different ways to protect rivers to maintain a healthy, happy community.

Use Biodegradable Cleaning Products

When cleaning at home, your products can get washed down the drain and transferred back into the river. With that said, try to focus on using biodegradable cleaning products to keep our rivers beautiful! In addition, these products typically have fewer chemicals, which means they pose fewer health risks and are safer to use around those with weak immune systems.

Minimize Water Use at Home

It’s easy to get in the habit of leaving the water running when brushing your teeth. It’s also tempting to take a long, hot shower at the end of the day. However, habits like these can waste water. Become more aware of your water usage and minimize water waste.

Clean Up Near the River

If you go to parks like Robious Landing and Belle Isle, try to pick up any litter you see. Additionally, be sure to leave nothing behind if you’re there for a visit. Litter is not only an eyesore, but it can enter the river and wreak havoc on habitats. In fact, litter can change the structure of habitats, reduce the light level in rivers, and deplete dissolved oxygen, all of which can damage the river’s ecosystem. So, check and see if there’s a river cleanup happening around town! Or, you can gather a group of friends and hold your own cleanup.

Limit Pesticide Use

If you have a garden on your porch, you may use pesticides. While it may benefit your plants, these pesticides can seep into the ground and harm nearby rivers. Try to limit the use of pesticides to prevent this!

There are many ways to protect rivers, from making small lifestyle changes to volunteering your time to pick up litter. We rely heavily on the James River, whether we realize it or not, and it’s essential to take good care of it so we can continue to reap benefits now and into the future!

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